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Stay in step with nature’s rhythm with Sparckel – the first in the world plug & play biodynamic light featuring technology that simulates the power of natural daylight. Sparckel gives you noticeably more energy, promotes better sleep and has a positive effect on your mood... guaranteed!


Sparckel’s scientifically proven effects are now available to you, too.


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Biodynamic lighting for everyone

We humans have evolved to see the sun rise, clear skies and the sun set. This natural rhythm supports vitality and sound sleep. 


Today, we spend much more time indoors than we used to. As a result, many of us are suffering from biological imbalances. Too little light exposure leaves us feeling drained and gloomy and affects our sleep.


The Sparckel biodynamic lighting system keeps you to your own natural circadian rhythm. The benefits? You’ll feel more energetic, noticeably more motivated, enjoy better concentration and achieve your fullest potential as a result.


Plus... Sparckel improves your overall mood, for that feel-good factor! 

Sparckel is a plug-and-play device. Simply place it beside your desk, dining table or favourite reading chair. A few clicks on the Sparckel control ring is all you need to alter the lighting in a room.

Whatever kind of light you want – whether it’s  active enjoyment or lavish relaxation – you’ll find it at your fingertips.

Sparckel is the world’s first mobile biodynamic lighting system. It is an innovative product designed and developed to support people at home, at work or in care centres through harnessing the natural power of light. 

Sparckel has won numerous awards: The LED application of the year, Good Industrial Design and Winner of the HighTechXL Impact Final Days.


"With Sparckel, I'm more alert because I can concentrate better”

Life needs light

Sparckel was created on the firm belief that daylight is essential for a healthy, energetic life. It has been scientifically proven that natural light has a positive effect on our mood. It also helps us get a good night’s sleep and makes us feel fit.

The effect of daylight all day long

Just like the sun, Sparckel emits different types of white light that gradually change over the course of a day. During the day, high levels of blue-white light give you plenty of energy and heightened concentration. The power of this light makes you more active and alert.


In the evenings, Sparckel emits low-intensity, warm ambient lighting. Warm light has a relaxing effect and supports sound sleep. 

Sparckel knows what time it is and adapts the type of light accordingly, so that you get the right light at the right time – just like on a sunny spring day!

Lighting control 

Sparckel has an easy-to-use control ring. You can choose to manually adjust the light or set Sparckel to automatic mode. The ideal setting is the green heart, which will automatically give you the right type of light at the right time.


There are also four fixed settings: the morning and afternoon settings are invigorating, whereas the sunset and moonlight settings are relaxing. The manual control allows you to quickly and easily select your personal preferences.


All day





Innovation from Eindhoven

It’s no coincidence that Sparckel has its roots Eindhoven, the city of light. Here, a range of different people are busy working on countless fascinating light innovations. Lighting research and development go hand in hand with Eindhoven’s other lifeblood: design.


Sparckel combines low-heat emitting and broad-spectrum LEDs in a plug-and-play lighting system. We teamed up with Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences to integrate smart electronics with advanced optics in the pursuit of excellence in design and innovation.

Various Sparckel models

Sparckel comes in various models, with one for  everyone… Bright Brenda is floor standing. It’s easy to move and practical, with a base that curves inwards to fit under your table or desk, so it won’t get in the way. Jolly James is slightly smaller and ideal for use on a desk or table. Jolly James is high enough for the light to shine down from above. This model moves in tandem with an adjustable sit-stand desk. You can also put a shade on Jolly James.


If you know exactly where you want your healthy Sparckel to shine, you can choose between our two ceiling models, Sunny Sam and Sunny Susan

A. This translucent cover has a hole pattern to facilitate cooling. Together with indirect light, it creates a sparkling pattern on the ceiling.

B. This heat shade enclosure is made entirely from aluminium giving Sparckel its reliability. It generates a flow of air that keeps the electronics cool.

C. The Sparckel printed circuit board has LEDs that shine upwards and downwards. Together they generate up to 7,500 lumens of serious LED power. A total of six LED groups produce a broad spectrum ranging from 6,500 to 1,800 Kelvin.

The smart electronics have integrated plug-and-play capability: the LED drivers, internal memory, microprocessor, clock function and software work together perfectly  to run automated light scene's.

D. Nanotechnology particles are woven into the high-end ‘milk-white glassy’ guard plate. This translucent polycarbonate refracts the light several times to create optimally diffused lighting, which is pleasant and comfortable for your eyes.

E. The aluminium control ring rotates, making it easy for you to select one of the seven settings.

Sparckel: you’re in control

Experiment with the atmosphere and mood in your living and work space. Depending on the task in hand and your personal preferences, you can switch from the automatic daylight setting to an invigorating morning light in a trice.


For maximum concentration, select the full sun icon. To promote more creativity and relaxation, switch to evening light. And for optimal rest, power down to amber light. Sparckel can cater to all your needs!

Direct and indirect beams

Sparckel yields the maximum effects from light by using  a smart combination of direct and indirect light. The direct light enters our eyes. It is supplemented with indirect light reflected from the ceiling. This results in a smooth transition from direct to indirect light in a room.


The indirect light on the ceiling is displayed in a subtle, attractive pattern that slowly changes throughout the day. 

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