‘I feel more energetic

and fitter’

Sparckel at home

Life needs light

Light up your life and enjoy the natural power of daylight in the comfort of your home. Sparckel is good and healthy indoors, promoting a better running biological clock. This in turn will your help your body and mind to perform better.

From busy family-time to quiet you-time with a book in your favourite chair, Sparckel optimises the experience. 


Sparckel gives you noticeably more energy, promotes better sleep and has a positive effect on your mood... guaranteed!


The Sparckel effect in your home

The Sparckel effect in your home

More sustained energy
Better health
Better sleep
Positive effect on your mood

“Sparckel brings energy and relaxation into our home. A great way to live healthier”

Sparckel flows with the rhythm of the day...

Similarly to the sun, Sparckel emits different types of white light that change slowly over the course of a day. In the morning and afternoon, Sparckel’s high level of blue-white light gives you plenty of energy and heightened concentration. The power of the light makes you more active and alert.


In the evening, Sparckel emits a low-intensity warm subdued light. Warm light has a relaxing effect and helps you fall asleep more easily. 

Sparckel knows what time it is and automatically changes the type of light accordingly so that you have the right kind at the right moment, just like on a sunny day.

Feel the Sparckel effect!

Imagine waking up fully while quietly reading the paper over breakfast; living a life full of energy with your housemates; feeling in synch with the natural rhythm of light and noticing how this tangibly enhances your health... Sparckel makes all of this possible, and more.

Feeling the Sparckel effect is easy: simply place Bright Brenda – the Sparckel floor lamp – next to your favourite reading chair, or choose one of the other models to bring light and energy into your home. Enjoy!

Energy efficient & sustainable

Thanks to special state-of-the-art LED technology, Sparckel is extraordinarily energy efficient. Because of its low energy consumption, Sparckel can stay on all day, allowing you to enjoy the power of light at the lowest possible costs.

Sparckel is a most sustainable solution, as it makes the light only there where people are in a space. In addition, our materials are re-usable, and at end of life the Sparckel is welcomed back. We'll give it a second life.

Scientifically proven

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, the lighting in your home simply cannot be overlooked. Light has a scientifically proven positive effect on people’s health, making us less prone to depression, giving us more vitality and improving sleep. Sparckel guarantees that you and your family receive the daily ‘LUX’ dose you need to stay healthy. Most comparable products on the market are limited to 350 LUX (unit of light), which is simply not enough! Scientifically proven positive effects are present towards a 1.000 LUX measured vertically on our eyes, which is the amount Sparckel generates.


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