The Sparckel effect on healthcare


Sparckel care

Caring for people

Sparckel brings light into people’s lives. The innovative Sparckel system is devoted to caring for people. Sparckel is plug & play healthy light indoors, which simulates the power of a natural sunny day. What’s more, Sparckel is plug-and-play, so you can enjoy the Sparckel effect wherever you are.


Especially suited for use in informal care, homecare or care institutions. Clients and staff alike experience improved mood and enjoy their day more fully. By reinforcing natural circadian rhythms, Sparckel particularly benefits sleep – a key factor in mental and physical health. 


“Noticeably more energy for clients and employees”

The Sparckel effect on healthcare

Decelerated symptoms of dementia
Fewer falls
Better sleep

“I didn’t know light could have such a positive impact on people’s health”


The effects of daylight

– all day long

The Sparckel effect on healthcare

Daylight stimuli are registered by cells in our eyes and used to run our internal biological clock. Our biological clock plays a significant role in determining our mood and mental state. Daylight stimuli are therefore essential for a natural and healthy life. Did you know that a 65-year old person needs about 5 times more light than a 30-year old person?

Within care institutions, residents spend large amounts of time in lounges. It will therefore be of great value to place an additional dynamic light on the communal table. This bolsters social interaction and self-resilience, and leads to fewer naps during the day.

Scientifically proven

Sparckel technology has been used in a clinical study that was part of the Innovate Dementia project carried out by the Eindhoven Health Authority. Three weeks after the installation of Sparckel, people with dementia sleep 89 minutes longer and got up during the night 50% less often. The findings of the study have been published in renowned Elsevier Science direct. For more details, please see our Blog article.

Energy efficient & sustainable

Thanks to special state-of-the-art LED technology, Sparckel is extraordinarily energy efficient. Because of its low energy consumption, Sparckel can stay on all day, allowing you to enjoy the power of light at the lowest possible costs.

Sparckel is a most sustainable solution, as it makes the light only there where people are in a space. In addition, our materials are re-usable, and at end of life the Sparckel is welcomed back. We'll give it a second life.


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