Explore our diverse lighting collection

The Sparckel collection encompasses numerous models. We are proud to introduce our healthy light family here. Besides a floor model, called Bright Brenda, our collection also features a smaller table model, Jolly James. To complete the collection we have two ceiling models: Sunny Susan has adjustable suspension wires and Sunny Sam has a adjustable suspension rod. Curious to know which Sparckel best fits your reeds? Please, read on.

Bright Brenda

First introduced during Dutch Design Week 2013 as the world’s first stand-alone biodynamic LED concept. Brenda has since been slimmed down, has improved cooling and gives more light. She has the advantage of a bent tube frame, which means that the lamp base disappears under your table or desk without taking up valuable space. The overhang at the top is adjustable so that the light can reach your eyes as best as possible.

€1.999,- ex vat            /              €42 per month lease


Jolly James

Jolly James is the ideal table-top version. Smaller than Bright Brenda, James stands firmly on its stand and is fitted with our ‘butler’ control ring. He has the advantage of being able to move in tandem with an adjustable sit-stand desk.

€1.749,- ex vat            /              €37 per month lease


Sunny Sam

Our collection features two ceiling-suspended models. Sunny Sam hangs from a single adjustable rod at a height of about two metres. The rod is a sturdy construction. The design is in balance because the rod and the control ring at the bottom have the same thickness. Sunny Sam has the advantage of wiring concealed in the ceiling. 

€1.749,- ex vat            /              €37 per month lease


Sunny Susan

Hanging from elegant adjustable wires, Sunny Susan is at her best about two metres above the ground. At this height, she emits sufficient light and the control ring is always within easy reach at the bottom of the guard plate.

€1.749,- ex vat            /              €37 per month lease


Dressing up your Sparckel

Lastly, we have shades for dressing up your Sparckel. Consider 'suit up Jolly James' by styling Jolly James with a warm grey wool felt and tailor your Sparckel to your taste and interior.