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Privacy statement

The person concerned: the person to whom a Personal data relates.
F.I.C.: a private limited company under Dutch law registered in the trade register under number 53788494 and processor of Personal Data.
Security incident: any breach of security that may involve a breach of (i) data integrity (ii) data confidentiality (iii) data availability. Datalek: destruction, modification, free access to, access to Personal Data without this being the intention within that organization.
Personal Data: any data that relates to identified persons and / or persons to be identified.
Processing of Personal Data: any action or multiple actions together in which Personal Data are involved in any way.


F.I.C. and Personal Data

F.I.C. in some cases needs Personal Data. We find it important that you know why, when and how we use Personal Data. In this privacy statement we explain this and you can give us permission to use your Personal Data if necessary.



Why do we use Personal Data?

We use personal data that we store to register you in our system and thus keep your file in order with regard to the orders placed by you. Is there something wrong, or do you want advice, then we can check in this file how we can help you best.

Do you want to view your data?

Then you send a request to F.I.C by post. With this letter you will make a copy of a proof of identity. You will then receive an overview of your personal data within four weeks.

If you want to change your details, send a letter with a copy of yours to our address

proof of identity and indicate which data you want to have adjusted. If we do not have a statutory prohibition, we will adjust this information within four weeks and send you a confirmation.

In addition, it may happen that we have a statutory obligation to use Personal Data.

We also use your data for marketing activities. Because you are a customer with us we want to keep you informed of products that can be attractive to you. We do this via our website, e-mail or telephone.

Finally, we use the Personal Data to improve the service.


Which personal data do we record?

F.I.C. records only those data that are important to inform you about the new products within F.I.C .. The data will not be used for any other purpose.

Sharing and protecting Personal Data

We promise that we will keep your details secret. The Dutch Data Protection Authority checks whether companies and institutions handle your data properly. We regularly have an external lawyer check whether we still meet the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Should for F.I.C. for whatever reason have a legal obligation to share your Personal Data, then we will of course inform you about this.

View or modify your data

Personal data is about you. You may also view your data and where possible you may ask for that data to be adjusted.

F.I.C. and privacy

We understand that it is important that we know each other, but that we should not unnecessarily store Personal Data of you. That is why we handle your data carefully and you can change it whenever you want and it is permitted. For this reason, we have also engaged an external data protection officer.

We think it's important that you can understand how we work. That is why we have a privacy statement. In addition, it is important to us that we can record that we may process your Personal Data and that you indicate that you have understood how we do this. That is why we ask you to fill in the information below and to digitally sign it for approval.

E-mail address:
Phone number:
authorizes Personal Data necessary for the execution of the services provided by F.I.C. to store, manage, process and share with regard to its services.







If I want to withdraw this permission, I will do so by filling in and signing the declaration below and sent to F.I.C.



E-mail address:
Phone number:
withdraws the aforementioned consent and asks for the data for which no (further) legal basis exists to be destroyed