• Maarten Voorhuis

Homeworker doesn't see the light

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

RTL EditieNL is a Dutch television news channel. They have made an item on working at home during corona, also covering Sparckel.

When people invest in their workspace at home they buy a good office chair, a fast computer and maybe a coffee-machine, but then they forget an import factor... light.

Now that the autumn is coming, the days are getting shorter, we as humans are indoors staying in darkness and artificial light. How do we then make sure we receive sufficient light?!

Inside a house at an ergonomics work desk the reporter measures 52 lux, at the comfy chair 64lux. Lux is a unit for the amount of light. Most people don't know, so the expert is being asked. Karin Smolders of TU Eindhoven says these light-levels are probably not enough. For healthy workers we need a minimum of 500lux. For our biorhythm we also need the changing of the light during the day. Shown by Maarten Voorhuis, the mornings start with an amber coloured light. At around 9 o'clock warm light is added, followed by an activating white light around 12 o'clock giving more energy. This light continues during the afternoon, then the lights go down gradually, just like a sunset.

The Sparckel goes far above a 1.000lux when working near a window.

Karin indicates employers wisely should consider the indoor light conditions for their homeworkers.

Our light is available for lease at €40,- per month ex vat. Another option is to go for a few outside walks per day. We feel one should do both....