• Maarten Voorhuis

Human Centric Lighting, return on investment of 6 months, or less

Lighting Europe, the voice of the lighting industry, has made a clear overview in explaining Human Centric Lighting or HCL. HCL, biodynamic and circadian light are all terms used to described the healthy aspects of light, inspired by nature, beneficial for humans.Upper left: healthy light is dynamic, just like the sun and the moon. Also, healthy light needs to be of a high intensity during daytime.Upper right: healthy light appeals to a general/natural human need, which has value in many applications.Lower left: humans have an internal (biological) clock timed by light and darkness.Lower right: investing in humans is investing in the most valuable part of your organisation. Healthy light is therefore an effective healthy investment with an short return on investment. We at Sparckel calculate an R.O.I. of 6 months, or less. E.g. an employee has a gross value of €75.000+ (most companies will have ±€100k revenue/employee). A +4,5% productivity gain will give a benefit of €3.375,- per year. Purchase one Sparckel at €1.749,- will give a R.O.I. of about 6 months. Even better, strategically placed Sparckel will help two employees easily, up to four employees is possible. And, less errors, less absence and less accidents benefits are 'free added value'.